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    Hello everyone!

    This post is just to keep you updated with whats going on, and why you haven't had much info about the reset and next map.

    Basically, we have been working on a TON of updates and features that i want to bring to next map, and its taking up a lot of time. As soon as we have all these features setup and running bug free, we will then decide on a date for the next map release.

    I do not want to rush the release.

    This release is a very big update, and so i want to make sure everything is right before we release. We are also bringing more YouTubers for this next map, and arranging this takes time, although some are already arranged.

    We will do a full features/update/release announcement as soon as we are ready. Im aiming for the weekend of the 7th or 14th of April, depending how well things go this week.​


    Custom Factions:

    I have been heavily focusing recently on asking you guys what you would like to see come to brutal, and there was a lot of requests for factions related stuff.

    - /f fly: Fly, completely rebuilt. All members can fly in their own factions, and will enable automatically. All fly issues have been fixed. Now also integrated with the below f perms to allow different ranks/relations to fly.
    - /f perms: Faction owners can change rank or relation build permissions, as well as a bunch of other perms.
    - /f co-leaders: Set co-leaders within your faction.
    - /f upgrades: Upgradable faction perks.
    - /f chest: Faction accessible chest/vault (upgradable in /f upgrades).
    - /f inspect: Faction leaders can inspect chest interactions, block placement/breakage etc.
    - /f broadcast: Broadcast messages to your faction.
    - /f rules: Set rules for your faction.
    - /f near: Show nearby faction members.
    - /f seechunk: Much improved, can be toggled on or off, and will change automatically based on which chunk you are in.
    - Updated /f map: Now much larger and more informative with hover info.

    More info to come soon.


    The popular Outposts feature will make its debut into Brutal! Capturable outposts give players the chance to earn cool rewards such as gaining access to a outpost shop with the best sell prices around!

    More info to come soon.


    A full KoTH schedule and setup will be returning, along with buffed prizes.

    More info to come soon.


    An automatic feature integrated with your scoreboard that will count down how many votes the server needs until a keyall event starts! Work together to hit the goals and make the magic happen!

    More info to come soon.


    A new system to bring stats to Brutal. Want to know who has the most kills? How many kills you have? Who you've killed? How many times you've killed them? Done.

    More info to come soon.

    Custom Enchants:

    Much more custom enchants and a rebuilt enchanting system!

    More info to come soon.

    Upgradable spawners:

    Spawners will be upgradable to increase spawn rates/mob drops.

    More info to come soon.


    Printer mode which will allow you to print without having to keep doing /shop!

    More info to come soon.

    Cannons test server/world:

    This will be in beta, if we can get it setup in time. No promises here. But this will be a new world where players will be able to test cannons with unlimited resources.

    More info to come soon.

    Loads more...

    There is more features we are wanting and planning to add, but these aren't finalised yet. There is also absolutely tons of other smaller updates and bug fixes which will improve the overall experience on Brutal, and will be listed in full on the release announcement.

    Like i said to start with, this update is a big one, and we want to get it right!

    If anyone has any suggestions or requests that they would like to see come to Brutal, please message me or a member of staff on discord!

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    This reset will be amazing!
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    I'm so excited for the season to come <3
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    Wooohoooo :p
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