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    I advise everyone to go and review the changes made in the rules document, especially cannoners.

    We have updated a few rules regarding the below:

    Alt limits:

    There is now an alt limit and a few rules in place regarding alts, these now full apply. Please read the rules section regarding this.

    Cannons & Raiding:

    Semi auto cannons are now allowed, up to 100 stacker cannons, however please read the rules section on cannoning before you start using them.

    Redstone Automatic TNT drop trenchers:

    These seem to have become popular with a couple of factions who have the money for them. We do not allow these above the size of 2 x 2 chunks at a time, per faction. Each time you use one, take it down completely, before using the next one to clear the next chunks. If you are still uncertain on this, message staff.
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