Update on "Insiding"/Faction Betrayal

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    We have made the decision to change our stance on "insiding" or faction betrayal, and it is now punishable.

    "Insiding"/Betrayal: This is a punishable offence. We think that you should be able to trust your fellow faction members and not have to worry about them betraying you for personal gain. We mainly consider betrayal to be limited to your own Faction, however we also include taking advantage of or abusing any special access or permissions you are given as a Faction member, this extends to players who have been removed from or have left a Faction.

    You must NOT use or take advantage of any special access or permissions given to “raid” your previous Faction, this will be considered as betrayal or insiding.

    We recommend factions remove all unwanted permissions or ranks from members to reduce the risk of this happening.

    We also highly recommend taking extra caution when giving non-faction members increased access that they could use to in negative ways for they will not be considered betrayal if doing so. Note: You will NOT be punished if you raid your previous / Allies Factions using legitimate raiding methods. If you believe your Faction has been betrayed, please contact staff or post on the forums. Assisting other players in the act of betrayal is considered equally punishable.

    If you become aware of a player who is betraying their Faction please contact a member of staff immediately. We prefer it if the leader of the faction involved contacts us to make things easier.
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