UndeadBunneh Helper Application #2 / ReApply

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    In Game Name: UndeadBunneh

    Skype and/or Discord: Skype : arnav1254 Discord: UndeadBunneh#7458

    Age: 14

    Languages you are fluent in: English, Spanish (School Class, don't rely on me for this), Gujarati (Yes I'm Indian but I don't have an accent or anything)

    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (3 hours behind EST, 8 hours behind GMT)

    1) Have you ever been banned before?
    If so: I'll admit, I have. Once on brutal for accidently posting an IP in chat.

    2) How many hours average will you be available daily?: I can be on 1-3 hours per day, it really fluctuates so sometimes more, some times less. On the weekends, 2-5 hours, again, it fluctuates.

    3) Why do you want to become a member of staff?: I want to become a member of the staff team because I feel I can help the server and make it much better than it already is. I'm sure most people would appreciate me as a member of staff and I work well other individuals on the staff team such as Kourt and Estados (A very close, long time friend of mine). And also like I said on my last applicaton, my desire to become a member of your staff team comes out of pure interest and supportiveness.

    4) Tell us about yourself.
    My name is Noah and I'm interested in several video games like Minecraft, Runescape, Fortnite, and Minesweeper. I play tennis competitively and I love playing ping pong. I'm knowledgeable, devoted, and I am honest. I love helping others especially in my favorite game.

    5) An issue arises on the server, but you are not confident about your decision. What do you do?
    The first thing I'd do is contact a higher staff informing them of the issue and providing them with all information about it. So for example, the server crashes, and everyone loses the items that are in their enderchest. The first thing I'd do is immediately send a report to ALL of the staff. Then I'd speak with the owner/admin on advice of what to do (just in case if I am the only staff online at the moment). I would then ask which players have PROOF of what they lost and ask them to post that on the forums. Truly, the forums is a magical place where most server problems become solved, so I plan to use it A LOT.

    6) A player accuses you of abusing your powers to help your faction. What do you do?: The first thing I'd do is to tell that player to immediately post the accusation and all supporting evidence on the forums. Then after, I'd take a look at their forum post and leave a reply of what I think. Then there are two paths I could take depending on what I actually did. If I actually DID abuse for my faction, I would go admit to the owner, knowing that the situation wouldn't end will and would just be a hassle for everyone. However if I am innocent, I would inform the owner of the forum post and just wait it out until a verdict has been reached.

    Extra info (PLEASE READ): Hey Bajansam if you're reading this (which I hope you are/do), then I'd like you to take a look at my previous staff application. I know it has nothing to do with this one but I feel like that application was really good as well. I didn't want both applications to have the same information. So if you could take a peek at that and take it into account, it'd be great <3.

    Also: You might have witnessed me causing a bit of drama today with the whole illegal cannon thing at Riot's base. Those few minutes are where my... dark side came out. Note when and if I do obtain a staff position then I promise to control my behavior over these things.

    If you got this far, then I appreciate you
    Thanks for reading,
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    I still think you’d be a nice addition to our staff team! Although, I haven’t seen you on as much this reset! Maybe just try to be more active in the chat to become familiar with the newer player base :)
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    Understood. I will try to be much more active.

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