The 'Discord Update'

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    We've implemented a few new features across our platforms to integrate more with out Discord server.

    In Game Chat:
    We now have a dedicated text channel on our discord server, which donors may use on discord for their phone, tablet or pc, and type there to send messages in game. Members will also be able to view messages, but not send messages. This requires the player to link their account with the channel in game with /discord link so the ign matches up. Any player talking over discord will have the prefix [Discord] before their names to let players in game know. Please note this feature only applies to global chat, and cannot operate commands or private messages.

    Donor Ranks:
    All donators will now get their rank shown on Discord. If you donate for a rank, please contact a member of staff in game or on discord to have it added to your name. Donors will get access to donor-only chat, as well as the above mentioned in game chat.

    If you need fast, reliable support from staff, without the limitation of a single minecraft message, you can now open tickets in our discord. Use -new <message> to open a new support ticket. Staff will be notified of the ticket and will reply asap. This will soon be heavily used for support in game, so start getting used to this!

    The 'Chat' tab on our forums now has an integrated version of our discord server, with link invites to the server. This will allow new players to easily find our discord when browsing the forums. On top of this, all new forum activity will be posted in discord to the 'forum-activity' channel.

    With these new additions regarding our Discord server, we hope this will help improve the general experience you have while with us at Brutal, and help welcome you to our community!

    As always, have fun!
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