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    Welcome to the Brutal Factions Raid Event!

    Event will start @ 9PM GMT on Sunday 25th March

    Put your raiding skills to the test and prove who's best! But watch out, PVP is enabled!​

    There is a LOT of VERY good loot, even if you arent first in, get in and start looting!

    The base is a large base, around 20 walls of either obsidian or cobblestone. The main base is split into quarters, each quarter having different floors with different loot. The whole base is scattered with chests! Check EVERY chest you can find! You might think some are empty, but they might not be!

    The event will be held in a separate world, and a "/warp event" will be setup to access it.

    To make it fair, all players will have access to /fly everywhere, and enemy nearby will not disable fly, unless combat tagged.

    BASE COORDINATES: x: -118 z: 393

    Instructions & Rules

    - First players that get into the base get the loot inside!
    - Get your Faction together and get ready to raid!
    - PVP is enabled
    - Claiming is enabled
    - Use your own items and kits to raid
    - There are different levels to the base each with different types of loot!
    - All usual rules apply!
    - Auto Cannons not allowed
    - Semi autos allowed up to Y:100
    - Read the /rules document on the website before starting to make sure you don't get banned!
    - If you are the first in, that doesn't mean others cant come in and steal! Watch your back!
    - Anyone found to be breaking rules will have their event access revoked and punished accordingly.


    - BuyCraft credit
    - Legendary Kits (Protection 6, Eff 6, Sharp 6 etc...)
    - Immortal Kits
    - Chunkbusters
    - IronGolem Spawners
    - Blaze Spawners
    - Creeper Spawners
    - Trench Picks
    - SuperPicks
    - Sellwands
    - & more!

    Any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!
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