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    Some of you have experienced this already, but recently we implemented a new Anti Cheat plugin to make our lives easier. Although the Anti Cheat has already worked brilliantly, it does recognize Printer/Schematica as a "hack", even though it is allowed on our server. Furthermore, because it recognizes Printer/Schematica as a hack, it has been kicking players.

    The picture below shows optimized settings that will keep the new Anti Cheat plugin from kicking players due to Printer/Schematica.

    As staff, we ask all players that are using Schematica to copy the settings below in their clients!

    Just to clarify these settings, they are as follows:

    Destroy Blocks: False
    Destroy instantly: False
    Place Only Adjacent: True
    Placement Delay: 4
    Placement Distance: 4
    Place Instantly: FALSE
    Timeout: 10


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