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    Before i get to who the new staff are, i need to clarify something...


    I never thought i would have to do an announcement on this alone, and it saddens me that i do.

    It has come to my attention, especially recently, that a few of players have been overall bending the rules, and being down right disrespectful to staff and other players to an un-needed level, and i've spent far too much time dealing with pathetic drama in the past few days. So i would like to go over a few things:

    Overall respect

    A number of you, and i think you know who you are, have been over all trying to cause trouble with staff, just because you think you can. You can't. You may have gotten away with it until now, but this really needs to stop, and so i have asked staff to start cracking down on it.

    If a member of staff warns you for breaking the rules or doing something, then stop. Simple as that. Just because something might not be clarified in the rules, doesn't mean you can do it, and if a member of staff asks you to stop, stop.

    Believe it or not, we do ALL want you to enjoy playing on the server, but a few players actions are ruining it for everyone else and its not fair.

    I have also spoken to all the staff on how to behave as staff, and how they should and shouldn't be handling things, and from now on should be more professional than may have been previously.

    DDoS & Doxxing

    I do not in any way, shape, or form want this on the server. Players have been doing this and somehow still got away with it, and maybe its because we have been too lenient. From now on, we arent going to be. It will result in a ban if i see a HINT of this. Whether its in game or through other forms of communication. It will not be tolerated.


    New Staff:

    On another note, we are making a few changes to the staff team, and so the following people have been promoted:

    OffTheMeds: Helper
    xiSkullz: Helper (trial basis)
    IcingSnowflake: Helper

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    first step to becoming staff is getting online
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