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    Welcome to the Brutal Network Season Information announcement!

    Season Release

    Friday 20th April @ 9PM GMT // 5PM EST

    There will be a KeyAll 1 hour after release!

    The map will last 5 weeks and will end on May 19th.

    This post will contain all the information you are going to need for this season. I have separated changes and features into sections of "importance".

    We have a TON of changes for this season, and so i strongly recommend you read as much of this thread as you can, although i am aware of how long it is.

    Since there is a lot of new features this season, we are expecting some bugs. Please, if you find anything, let a member of staff know or post on the forums/discord, so that we can fix them asap.

    Donators: For server performance and permissions reliability, we have moved to a new permissions database and plugin, and there may be some issues with visible [Rank] prefixes. You will still have all your permissions, but your rank may not show in chat. If you find this happening to you, please let a member of staff know privately via /msg and we will correct it asap. This was a step we had to take at some point, and i decided sooner rather than later.

    FTOP Information:
    • The total ftop prize will be sectioned out & distributed every week.
    • The following prizes will be paid out every Saturday at 8 PM GMT (first payout is April 28th)
      • 1st. $175 ($50 PayPal + $125 Store Giftcard)
      • 2nd. $100 ($35 PayPal + $65 Store Giftcard)
      • 3rd. $50 ($50 Store Giftcard)
    • Winners will be announced weekly, here on the forums.
    Staff Applications:

    Staff applications are now open! Click the 'Apply' button at the top of this page!

    We will be carefully reviewing applications over the next 2 weeks. Please read the stickied thread in the applications section before applying. Anyone not using the correct format will be rejected.

    Staff Changes:

    OffTheMeds: Promoted to Admin (Everyone thank him! Without him, half of this would not have been possible to do in the time given!)

    tooOpm8: Promoted to Moderator

    Unforgivinq: Retired/Demoted

    Current Staff list:

    - Bajansam
    - HunnyBadger7
    - Kourt
    - OffTheMeds
    - bzs
    - TooOpM8
    - xiSkullz
    - IcingSnowflake
    - You? Apply now!

    » New Features:

    Cannons Server [BETA]:

    Introducing our brand new Cannons Server! Head over to the Cannons server to get creative gamemode and a huge 25x25 chunk plot to test all your cannons in! You can download/upload schematics and use worledit for free by voting!

    Go check it out!

    Practice PVP Server [BETA]:

    Fancy a fight? Need to prove whos best?

    Head over to our new Practice PVP server, where you can 1v1, 3v3 or FFA against other players and prove whos best at PVP!


    » Custom Factions:

    I have been heavily focusing recently on asking you guys what you would like to see come to brutal, and there was a lot of requests for factions related stuff. Here is all the new factions related info:

    Factions Fly:

    Command: /f fly, /fly

    - Fly: Fly, completely rebuilt. All members can fly in their own factions, and will enable automatically. All fly issues have been fixed. Now also integrated with the below f perms to allow different ranks/relations to fly in your claims, as you wish!

    Factions Map:

    Command: /f map

    - Click to claim: You can now claim chunks in factions map simply by clicking on the chunk you wish to claim! Much easier to claim the correct chunks you want!

    - Larger map: Map is now the full size of chat, making it much easier to use.

    - Tooltips: Shows info on a faction in f map when hovering over their claim.

    - World border: Now shows on factions map, and will not allow you to claim past the border.

    Faction Upgrades:

    Command: /f upgrade

    - Crops Upgrade: Crops have a chance to grow two stages instead of one in your claims.

    - Spawners Upgrade: Spawners have a higher chance to spawn extra mob in your claims.

    - Exp Upgrade: Mobs drop a higher amount of exp in your claims.

    Faction Co-LEaders:

    Command: /f coleader

    - Same as Leader rank, and has all permissions except disband.

    Faction Permissions:

    Command: /f perms

    Control your faction with this handy addition! Control what your faction members/faction relations can/cant do.

    - Relations/Roles: Control permissions for relations and faction roles

    - Control just about every feature from fly to building

    Faction Remote Vaults:

    Command: /f vault, /f getvault

    - Remote Access: Once placed, the faction players can remotely access it using /f vault

    - Faction Vaults can be acquired using the /f getvault command for a configurable price.

    - Balanced: If another faction claims at location of the vault, or the vault is broken, remote access will be disabled. Therefore making vaults raidable.

    Faction Tnt Bank:

    Command: /f tnt add/take <amount>

    - Virtual storage: A virtual TNT bank where faction members can deposit tnt into their faction, and also withdraw.

    - Limited to 5x Double Chests (17,280 TNT)

    Faction Inspect:

    Command: /f inspect

    - Faction members can enable this mode, and see who placed blocks, making catching insiders easy.

    - Combat disable: Factions Inspect will automatically disable if taking damage or dealing damage to another player.

    Faction Announce:

    Command: /f announce

    - Announcements for your faction members to see! Colour codes allowed.

    Factions SeeChunk:

    Command: /f sc

    - Now toggles on/off

    - Particle effects to show chunks.

    - Updates as you walk around

    Faction Near:

    Command: /f near

    - Show nearby faction members easily

    - Distance in blocks shown for each member

    Faction Rules:

    Command: /f rules

    - Personalised rules: Each faction can create their own rules for that faction. These are not enforced by the server, and are strictly for faction owners to control and moderate.

    - Edit the faction rules with a few simple commands. Do /f rules for more info.

    - Colour codes allowed.

    Faction bans:

    Command: /f ban, /f unban, /f banlist

    - You can now ban members from factions.

    - When banned, the player cannot be re-invited, until unbanned.

    Faction Claimline:

    Command: /f claimline <number>

    - Claim a line of chunks in the direction you are facing

    » Outpost (Coming soon):

    The popular Outposts feature will make its debut into Brutal! Capturable outposts give players the chance to earn cool rewards such as gaining access to a outpost shop with a +25% on sell prices with /shop!

    More info to come soon. This is expected to be introduced in week 2.

    » Automated Events:


    A full KoTH schedule and setup will be returning, along with buffed prizes. There is 3 KoTH's this map, all located in the warzone outside of spawn. Do /events to see when the next KoTH is!


    MobArena, remember that? Well its back! Defend in teams of up to 10 against waves of mobs and bosses to gain awesome prizes! Do /events to see when the next MobArena event is!


    Automated supply drop which will drop crates in to the warzone for players to collect awesome loot! Do /events to see when the next Envoy is!

    » VoteKeyAll:

    An automatic feature integrated with your scoreboard that will count down how many votes the server needs until a keyall event starts! Work together to hit the goals and make the magic happen!

    » Custom Enchants:

    Added a few more custom enchants on a trial basis. If we find any of these to be too OP, then they will be nerfed or removed.

    - Commander: Gives nearby faction members haste.
    - Springs: Gives the player a small jump boost.
    - Piercing: Has a chance to deal double damage with bows.
    - Life-Steal: Has a chance to steal your enemies's health (max 1 heart)
    - Rekt: Has a chance to deal double damage with axes.

    Loads more...

    Worldborder: Fixed bug to bypass border
    Hunger: Removed hunger from duels.
    Chunk busters: Removes obsidian now
    Crates: Fixed multiple mistakes with prizes showing the wrong item in preview.
    Spawner Tax: Cow and Zombie Pigman now charged the correct price.
    Spawner Explosion: Drop Rate Increased from 70% chance to 90% chance
    Cegg slabs: Fixed bug with ceggs not breaking slabs
    Gen Buckets: Fixed all issues with genbuckets, mainly due to milk and water buckets.
    Log outs: Fixed bug when logging out in other faction claims killing you when reconnecting
    Pot Stack: Fixed bug with /potstack not stacking correctly
    Factionsfly: Now integrated with factions directly, all previous fly related issues fixed. Command now /f fly. Automatically enables in Factions territory. Integrated with /f perms.
    Bedrock glitch: Bedrock glitches fixed.
    Nether: Nether now a 'normal' world, but made from netherrack. Removes all nether bugs with water and other mechanics etc.
    BuyCraft: Gifting added.
    Voting: Voting now only gives keys. Lucky votes gives extra $, keys, or store credit. Voting 10x now gives a Rare key. 50x rare key. 100x legendary key.
    BuyCraft: Ranks are now cumulative and upgradable with discount.
    Rank Kits: You now only get the specific rank's kit, not all previous ranks too. (Pls dont kill me Immortal players <3)
    /potss: Fixed bug with /potss existing and giving cheap potions (lol, who knew?)
    Bounties: Removed
    Lottery: Removed
    Tags Permissions: Redone, tags updated on store. All tag related issues should be fixed. Custom tags added to store.
    Permissions: New database and plugin that has much less issues and runs better performance.
    Pay and Clearinv: Added confirmation to the commands so they cannot be done accidentally or to the wrong player.
    MOTD: Fixed /motd and added a slight delay for the automatic motd when joining to center it in chat on join.
    AntiCheat overhaul: Everything changed. AntiCheat will now detect, measure accuracy of detection, and kick if certain. This will kick repeatedly until the player removes the hacks. This was a custom config done by a professional, and $70 alone has been spent on it. Theres no getting around it. Bye bye hackers.
    Scoreboard: Redesigned.
    Clear Lagg: Changed warning messages.
    VP/Keyall: Votes Added automatic KeyAll event when 200 votes is met. Also added count down to scoreboard
    Tags: Tags menus changed, added ability to set colours.
    Kits: Kit GUI added - Can preview kits
    Warps: Warp GUI added
    Stack sizes: Fixed bug with stack sizes and being able to stack potions without /potstack
    Fly: Donors can now fly in spawn
    Silverfish Spawners: Added to economy, drop emeralds.
    MobStack: Creepers no longer stack [thus fixing the drop rate bug]
    Permissions: Well overdue migration to SQL database for speed and in preperation for server expansion into a network.
    Koths: Built, setup, and created a full automated schedule. 4x a day with alternating koths.
    Cosmetics: Cosmetics menus added. Jesus that took ages.
    Cannons: Server Setup and good to go.
    Spawning Enderman: Spawners fixed
    Tags: Tags added. Preperation done for new tags system coming soon! Get ready to start collecting!
    Crates: Tweaked and increased/decreased chances of some prizes.
    Crates: Rank up crates have returned!
    Kits: Ranked players will now have 1 main kit every 2 days.
    Kits: Added Depth Strider enchant to some ranks kits.
    Shop: Added Cookies to shop sell:10, cactus decreased sell 4.5 to 3.0, sugarcane sell increased 3 to 14.
    Spawn: Hunger bug fixed
    Store: Cosmetics added
    Tab: Staff ranks added to tab to see online staff easily
    PVP: Server PVP server setup and good to go.
    BungeeCord: Proxy and firewall setup
    Envoy: Rebuilt from ground up with new rewards and supply crates
    genbuckets: Fixed glitch with genbuckets working in other claims in rare cases.
    Throttling: Fixed bug which kicked players for connection throttled.
    Render Distance: Increased server render distance from 5 to 8 chunks.
    Chat: View players username and faction by hovering in chat
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