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    I know this is extremely late, and for that i apologise.

    FTOP Information
    • The total ftop prize will be sectioned out & distributed every week.
    • The following prizes will be paid out every Saturday at 8 PM GMT (first payout is March 17th)
      • 1st. $175 ($50 PayPal + $125 Store Giftcard)
      • 2nd. $100 ($35 PayPal + $65 Store Giftcard)
      • 3rd. $50 ($50 Store Giftcard)
      • So a total of $85 PayPal, and $240 BuyCraft will be paid out each week
    • The top 3 factions on the last payout of the map will not be rewarded as above, but will be awarded the extra following prizes:
      • 1st. $250 Store Giftcard
      • 2nd. $150 Store Giftcard
      • 3rd. $100 Store Gifcard
      • Note: These store giftcards cannot be used on any discounts or sales.
    • If you are the leader of a faction, please message me with your PayPal to claim your winnings within 36 hours.

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