Firstly, the dupe has been fixed and nearly all duped spawners are gone... more work done tomorrow to clear all.

Rank credit? why haven't I got it yet?
- Revo was supposed to do it since I've been swarmed with work like this dupe issue and the lag and so on... I'll be directly messaging each of the commenters tomorrow. Please be on so you can get a quick response.

TNT? TNT looks like it'll be enabled within the next 24 hours, update here soon.

Are you missing a rank, a perk, or a tag? or literally anything from the store from the previous reset?
Please leave your username and what you're missing, such as your rank name, in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

This is becoming a mess, please give me your IGN at the time of purchase and current. Additionally, ranks that were achieved via a rank-up key will not be given: as It was not bought from the store.
- Revo/John

- Also, the Elemental FTOP prize is $500 Buycraft. Please message me for your rewards... the top three Factions.
Hello all,

I am going to be discussing the server features and what type of factions gamemode it is.

- Normal Factions (Max = Protection 5)
- Unique Plugins
- Custom Enchants
- 1.7 TnT Mechanics
- Well Known YouTubers

Please reupload the trailer for in game rewards! Remember to share it with your friends! (Link on last post)​
Hello all,

Many of you must be wondering who I am. My name is Strafe, I am the new Server Manager. I would like to personally thank Theo (Asura35) for this oppertunity. I wish to bring a more enjoyable experience to you as players! If you have any suggestions for the server please comment below! I am excited to be working with Brutal.

If many of you are not aware already, myself, Theo and some staff members have been working extra hard to completely revamp the server. Everything is different. We have been working very hard on implementing new and fun plugins while also making sure it is fun for everyone in the community!

Server Information:

Trailer is out if you'd like to reupload it -
(Rewards will be given)


Server Features:
- $1850 FTOP PRIZE
- New Donor Rank Names & Commands
- Complete Server Revamp
- Working Envoy System
- New Tokenshop plugin

King Regards,
Hey guys

Trailer is out if you'd like to reupload it -

There's a few things we've added in there too... plus a $1850 FTOP prize ;)

Final release date is the 13th this Saturday Apologies for the delay, it's due to exams taking place and causing issues with YouTubers - A detailed post is coming soon as said!

Thanks for sticking with us - we're also thinking of doing a huge ftop prize of over $1000, details on that will be coming soon.
We're working on a ton of updates and advertising and everything Brutal has needed for a while. So far everything is going great in terms of planning and it looks like it'll be one of the best releases in a very very long time.

There will be a detailed post, a trailer, info etc on release date... very soon. We're just making sure we're ready with what we want to release.

I've also been getting constant messages about two issues and I wanted you guys to know they will both be completely sorted - Not being able to register on the forums as a new user.... and being connected to "ElementalRealms" when trying to join Brutal. It seems half the reason Brutal died as soon as Elemental released was due to this exact reason.

I trust you will all stay with us and I hope you have trust that this will be a great release. Have any suggestions / things you hated about Brutal? let me know
#1 - Divine
#2 - OneClaim
#3 - TNF

The owners of the Factions have been noted. Please message me with your Paypal email here (or I can offer more e.g. x2 in Buycraft credit for the next release... you can also take half and half).

Thanks, more info on the reset will be coming out soon!
Hey guys,

the server will be closing tomorrow at sometime around 5PM GMT (12PM EST) as we will start work on updates for the new reset. The ftop prize is still there for the time that this map has been up (it has only been up a little under half of three months which is our average reset time) meaning it is there but the percentage is based on how long the map has been running. Please place your spawners etc. into claimed land as we will take the final positions of ftop when the server closes.

A detailed post on the reset will be given soon and this reset will have more players. The release date is unknown currently but will be within 1-3 weeks.
First place prize: Free rankup / Coupon + 32 super golden apples!
Second place prize: Kit Legend + 16 super golden apples!
Third place prize: Kit Mythical, $50,000 and 8 super golden apples!

And the winners are:

First place: OreoKoekje123 with 163 votes.

Second place: semjentjens with 125 votes.

Third place: cbsundrop with 117 votes.