Hello as you all know the server is down, all we can tell you as of now is that, we are working hard to get the server up ASAP and your patience has been brilliant thus far, thank you all.

Please continue being patient as we are working very hard for you all to get the server back up and running as soon as we possibly can!

Hello everyone!

So everyone's always asking in chat "When is koth" or "Start a koth" and I got kinda fed up of it, so! I've implemented a new /koth schedule! Every day of the week at 2AM, 3PM AND 9PM GMT There will be a koth.

To check while in game in case you forget, I've added to all groups the command, /koth schedule, it should work for everyone if not please leave a reply and I'll fix it straight away! The command will come with a list of every day of the week, followed by the times they will be held.

I've also added new loot to the /koth loot! It consists of rare armour and the best custom enchants! It also comes with a very cool message which I will leave for you to find!

If anyone has any questions about anything in this post please feel free to reply down below or just message me, thanks!

Hi everyone these are the rewards for the top voters of the month July,

First place prize: Free rankup/ Coupon + 32 super golden apples!
Second place prize: Kit King + 16 super golden apples!
Third place prize: Kit Duke, $50,000 and 8 super golden apples!

And the winners are:

First place: Elite_C_ with 186 votes.

Second place: AgentPrincess with 167 votes.

Third place: popcornkats with 156 votes.


Hello, I'm DonkeySpazim some of you may know me as Riley!

I'm the newest server Administrator and I thought I would properly introduce myself. I've been with the server along time and it's been great, I'm glad I've been given the opportunity as Admin to help improve the server, I will help improve the server and help tend to the players to the best of my ability.

If anyone needs help in game just message me, mail me or dm me on the forums and I will get around to it as soon as I can, as with this new role comes lots of responsibility and I may not be able to help straight away, although I will try and get to it quickly!

Thank you and I hope to see you all on the server!
Trailer is out!

There is also a $1000 Buycraft giveaway, make sure you enter that!

BrutalFactions Changelog

Hello! Welcome to the BrutalFactions Change log/Reset log! We are happy to introduce all these new and much more improved updates that we have been working hard to bring to everyone! The reset will be on July 22nd at 8PM BST / 3PM EST


Map info

There will be 3 worlds, Overworld, The nether and The end. The overworld will have a 10k border, the nether will have a 5k border and the end will also have a 5k border.

This reset we will have the first ever custom world on BrutalFactions, the overworld will have a fully custom made map with lots of new biomes. The end will have a bedrock layer at Y level 0 followed by 32 layers of sandstone. The nether will have a bedrock layer at Y level 0 followed by 32 layers of netherrack.


Extended sugarcane growth height

We have improved the sugarcane growth height to 5 blocks instead of the normal 3 blocks.

By doing this we hope farming will be easier and it will be easier to start this map off.

Water doesn’t freeze

This means that water will always stay liquid and can’t freeze. Because water does not freeze it is now way easier to make bases in a snow/ high hills biome.

No TNT knockback/Damage

TNT Knockback is disabled, meaning you will not be blown away by TNT and you will also not be damaged by TNT.

Crop Hoppers

Crop hoppers are hoppers that collect all cactus in a certain chunk. There will not be crop hoppers for every entity (only for cactus), you will be able to buy crop hoppers with ingame money.

Worldborder Patches

Sand stacking on the world border is not possible, water doesnt flow through and you can not pearl outside the border.

Custom mob drops

  • Creepers Drop TNT
  • Pigmen drop gold
  • Witches drop potions
  • Iron Golems do not drop roses

Infusion Pickaxe

There will be infusion pickaxes available on the store, these pickaxes mine an area of 3x3.

Harvester hoes

Harvester hoes will be available on the store, harvester hoes transfer the mined sugarcane directly into your inventory, this prevents any sugarcane from getting lost.

Sell wands

Sell wands will be available on the store, sell wands sell all the sellable items in a chest by clicking on it.

Money pouches

Money pouches can be optained by opening crates, when you open a money pouch you will be given a random amount of money depending on the tier you have, the higher the tier, the higher the amount of money you will recieve. There will be 5 Tiers

Tier 1: 1.000 - 10.000

Tier 2: 10.000 - 50.000

Tier 3: 50.000 - 200.000

Tier 4: 200.000 - 500.000

Tier 5: 500.000 - 2.000.000

Other changes

  • No bow boosting
  • Items can not be blown up by TNT
  • Sand can be stacked on non-full blocks such as enchanting tables, chests, etc.
  • Anti Cobweb defense
  • Anti Auto cannons
  • No water protection for Spawners
  • Completely different crate rewards
  • TNT Loads chunks
  • Healthbar changed

We hope this provides enough information for you guys to get hyped, we will see all of you saturday!
The date has been changed to the 22nd! Really sorry about that, will add a timer to the motd of the server tomorrow morning.
The winners of our FTOP prize of $1000 Paypal are the following:

#1 - $650 Nandos

#2 - $250 GangSquad (would have been Riot but disqualified for multiple reasons, such as alt faction, not claiming igs... etc.).

#3 - $100 WallStreet

Please message me here for your winnings! and congratulations. We're only sending the money to the leaders of the Factions and they may do whatever they want with the money.

Now... the new season! It will be starting soon and we're thinking of releasing the 15th this Saturday!
Hello guys!

The server will be closing this Friday at 5pm GMT as we will start work on updates for the new reset. The ftop prize will be given out some time Saturday (post about top factions will be posted later). Please place your spawners etc into claimed land as we will take the final positions of ftop when the server closes (we know about the ftop bug and we will make sure we reward the right factions and proof of payment to the winners will be enclosed).

The server will be releasing the 15th of July(we dont have an exact time yet). there will be posted a changelog later this week.
Hey guys sorry about the whitelist that was on for a few hours. Server is now up.
Hey guys,

Revo has been dealing with ranks and he has messaged majority of the people from what I've been told - I hear from players some of you are still missing ranks... please message me if you do not have a message from Revo and tell me what you're missing.