Just wanted to make a quick post to say trench picks are being worked on and they will be back very soon don't worry!
Hey everyone these are the rewards for the top voters of the month September,

First place prize: Free rankup/ Coupon + 32 Super golden apples!
Second place prize: Kit Brutal + 16 Super golden apples!
Third place prize: Kit Devastator, $50.000 and 8 Super golden apples!

And the winners are:

- First place: Elite_C_ with 99 votes.
- Second place: Gamingmaster2015 with 78 votes.
- Third place: Viqzi with 76 votes.


- Senne
Hey guys,
We finally fixed fly! Everyone is now able to use /fly: factionfly for non donors and fly in wild land for Devastators or higher ranked players. If you bought the perk fly and you aren't Devastator or higher please message me or brutalfactions on the forums and we will give you the permissions for fly again!
Hey guys,

I see I've been extremely inactive recently and a lot of you guys have noticed too. I'm going to be returning and trying to be as active as possible. This comes with a lot of big fixes, more advertising, better staff and overall better communication from myself.

The server is going to be growing a lot with my return and I'll be working on all issues we currently have, such as /fly. I'll also respond to my messages on here within a few hours after making this post.
Hey guys,

Brutal is back with OG Factions we all love! Server is releasing tomorrow (Sunday) 8PM GMT 3PM EST!

If you'd like to reupload it - https://pastebin.com/KNLXV0Uy + http://www.mediafire.com/file/xgq4dt7le0a8ymc/BrutalFactions+releasing+Sunday+8PM+GMT+3PM+EST.mp4
Reupload for keys or Youtube rank.

$500 Giveaway will be on this channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs_KD9TM3qcGQTIwh8BJx-A
video coming soon!


- Old ranks
- Global fly
- Tournament plugin
- Gapple cooldown removed​

EDIT: If you bought factionfly last map, please message Brutalfactions on the forums and you will get fly instead.​
Hey, sorry had to push the release to Sunday (the 10th 8PM GMT 3PM EST) so 24 hours ahead. This is due to some trailer issues! :)

Been making a ton of the changes you guys want, including /fly. Store - http://store.brutalfactions.co.uk (doing an 80% off sale for before and the day of release). Trailer will be out in a few hours / tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience.

There's also a timer in the MOTD for the release.
Hey, we're working on updates and we like the idea of going back to old Brutal. What did you guys specifically love from our previous resets?

Tournaments, ranks, gapple cooldown (what should we do with it), /fly etc. Give us your thoughts below.
Hello guys. As most of you know this map did not last as long as we wanted it to,
because of that some factions did not have the chance to put up their spawners and other
valuables. Despite this we have chosen to still give out the FTop price to the top 3
factions according to the last updated FTop list before the server closing down.

We know this is very dissapointing for some of you guys and we are very sorry it has to be like this
but it's not possible for us to look at every factions non-claimed or stored valuables to see if
they have more valuables than the current prize winners.

The Ftop winners are:

1. VWSS 300$ Buycraft
2. Riot 150$ Buycraft
3. Xerium 50$ Buycraft

( https://gyazo.com/a1aa54e4429df00b3698839fd0f97603 )

To claim your prize the owner of the faction can PM me, @Ace on the forums. The prize will only
be given to the owner of the faction, so there is no point in messaging me if you are not the owner.
As most of you know the server went down suddenly and we are working on getting it back up as
soon as possible. We are currently aiming to release again on the 9th of September.

The past weeks we have been busy rolling back the server and planning for the next reset. Please continue to be patient as we try our harderst to work on the server as much as we can.

There will be a more detailed post very soon including the changelog and trailer, be ready!​
Hey guys so we have all the data from before any issues occured and we'll be able to determine the winners of the ftop and give them their buycraft for next map.

We're going to reset Brutal and attempt to up the playercount a lot more than this previous reset. We'll have more details soon on the date etc. within the next few days and a post will be made here!

Additionally, anyone who entered the BrutalFactions giveaway on YouTube... the winners will be announced in our next post within the next few days!

Thanks for your patience.