Hey everyone,

So it took longer than expected, which i apologise for, but Infusion and Shockwave tools are now working and active again!

Have fun!
We'll be down for maintenance for a few hours GMT 6AM - 10:30AM
I chose these hours because it is when the server is quietest and so less disruptive. This is testing and updating a few things for the BrutalRevamp. Sorry for the downtime.

We are currently having some issues with java and ShockwaveTools plugin causing major lag and crashes on the server. This is not a simple fix, so for now I have had to disable them.

I am fully aware that these are popular tools, and the people that use them have donated for them, so right now, fixing this is one of my main priorities.

I apologise for any frustration this may cause, but without taking the server offline, this is the best i can do for now.

I hope to have this fixed by tomorrow (8th Jan); however, it may take a little longer.

In the meantime, you should expect a few restarts and/or maintenance mode being enabled a few times for 5-10minutes at a time.

Again, I am sorry for this.


ADDITIONALLY, on another note, unclaimed IronGolemSpawners are now banned. We will give leeway to players initially while the rule becomes recognised and give players a chance to move them. A full post on this and other changes will follow in the next few days.

To warn you all now, from the next reset onwards, you either a) will not be able to place spawners in unclaimed land OR b) spawn rates for spawners in unclaimed land will be considerably lower. We have not decided which option to go with yet.

If anyone has any issues with this, please contact me on the server's Discord channel in the staff help section by tagging me with @bajansam
Hey guys, as many of you already have figured out... I'm no longer the full owner of BrutalFactions. My friend Bajansam is going to be taking over the server as the full owner from today on wards. He knows what he's doing with the server and I'm sure he's going to take it into an amazing direction and make it bigger and better than ever before. He has big plans for Brutal and I can't wait to see how Brutal changes over the next few weeks and months in new ownership.

So this is my goodbye as owner of BrutalFactions for over 5 years. It's been really exciting running Brutal and I've had amazing experiences running it.... I've learnt so much, met many people and really enjoyed my time creating and managing Brutal. I appreciate everyone for the opportunity they have given me for the past five years and I can't thank everyone enough. Thank you all.

Who's the new owner?
As mentioned, Bajansam is the new owner of BrutalFactions.

What will happen to me, will I lose my rank or will the server reset now?
You will not lose your rank and a reset isn't going to happen extremely soon!

Where are you going?
I will be on Brutal every now and then just to see how everyone's doing but I will no longer be owner of Brutal and I won't be as active; I'll be moving onto other things. If anyone wants to talk to me for whatever reason you can contact me on discord @ Asura35 #3698

PLEASE NOTE: From this point forward, the user 'BrutalFactions' on this website is now Bajansam unless stated otherwise in the post. I look forward to seeing you all around.
Hey everyone these are the rewards for the top voters of the month December,

First place prize: Free rankup/ Coupon + $100,000 and 16 Super golden apples!
Second place prize: Kit Brutal + $75,000 and 8 Super golden apples!
Third place prize: Kit Devastator, $50,000 and 4 Super golden apples!

And the winners are:

- First place: FooFuYT with 54 votes.
- Second place: FatherWingWong with 45 votes.
- Third place: lillelaurits with 44 votes.


- Senne
Hey guys I just wanted to say thank you all so much for hitting our donation goal! I really really appreciate it and I hope those who were online for free keys got what they wanted :)

We also now have a new part owner: Bajansam
He'll be getting to know you guys before he has more of a role in the server in the upcoming weeks. Don't you worry... I am not leaving!
We owe some Immortal ranked players a Brutal key from last reset. Comment your IGN if you didn't receive one and you're Immortal.

As stated in the title, the release is on the 22nd this Friday at 3PM EST 8PM GMT 12AM PST. Reupload the trailer for a free key or YouTuber rank if you meet the requirements... the description for the trailer is here https://pastebin.com/z5jNZuuQ and the download link is http://www.mediafire.com/file/8h2z421mi68kh5x/BRUTALFACTIONS+TRAILER+-+$1000+FTOP+(RELEASES+FRIDAY+8PM+GMT+3PM+EST).mp4

We've worked hard on this reset and we hope you really enjoy it! We've taken a lot of suggestions from players and have worked on fixing some if not all the annoying bugs from last map.

WORLD - 10,000 x 10,000

NETHER - 5000 x 5000

END - 5000 x 5000


  • $1000 FTOP prize
  • Faction upgrades plugin removed this reset (possibly back next reset, doing updates and expansions)
  • Fix all now has a 5 minute cooldown and isn't buggy
  • TNT isn't enabled for the first week of the reset
  • We've added a christmas kit and christmas crate to the buycraft
  • 70% off sale on the store is active for the first week of the release
  • Donor ranks now have access to all previous rank kits but the cooldowns are higher
  • Donor ranks now get more homes (member is still 2 homes)
  • Supplydrops have been added this map and are every 6 hours (this time might change) around the spawn warzone
  • New spawn and warzone
  • Change of warp pvp
  • New staff... last map wasn't great on that :)
#1 Divine
#2 Phase
#3 VXS

To claim your prize the owner of the faction can message me on the forums. The prize will be only given to the owner of the faction, so there is no point in messaging me if you are not the owner.
Post tomorrow about ftop winners and all the major details :) here's the trailer for now!
So we've decided to reset the server due to low player count and a lot of new ideas coming up that we could change about the server, in one big revamp. We want to reset the server and start working live on the server this Sunday (likely at the start of Sunday morning GMT 00:00) to the release next Friday the 22nd.

We're gonna make a list of a bunch of updates coming and show you the trailer tomorrow or latest Sunday and we really hope to see you guys on next reset. Just a hint of what we're going to do next reset: take some brutal ideas, kit changes, permissions changes like amount of homes and access to more kits, new staff, bugs fixed, supplydrops etc. Also there is going to be a huge 70% off sale on the store starting this Sunday so you can preorder ranks and perks cheap... we're also getting some decent advertising for the release of this map so expect more players :)

So you have until Sunday morning to play on the server and put up any value for ftop! we will pay the last week of ftop out. Thanks a lot