I know this is extremely late, and for that i apologise.

FTOP Information
  • The total ftop prize will be sectioned out & distributed every week.
  • TOTAL FTOP PRIZE: $700 PayPal + $2,000 Store Giftcard
  • The following prizes will be paid out every Saturday at 8 PM GMT (first payout is March 17th)
    • 1st. $175 ($50 PayPal + $125 Store Giftcard)
    • 2nd. $100 ($35 PayPal + $65 Store Giftcard)
    • 3rd. $50 ($50 Store Giftcard)
    • So a total of $85 PayPal, and $240 BuyCraft will be paid out each week, for a total of 7 weeks.
  • The top 3 factions on the last saturday of the map will not be rewarded BuyCraft as above, but will be awarded the extra following prizes:
    • 1st. $250 Store Giftcard
    • 2nd. $150 Store Giftcard
    • 3rd. $100 Store Gifcard
    • Note: These store giftcards cannot be used on any discounts or sales.
  • So basically, if your faction is ftop #1 throughout the entire map, you will win $350 PayPal and a $875 Store Giftcard.
  • If you are the leader of a faction, please message me with your PayPal to claim your winnings within 36 hours.
Before i get to who the new staff are, i need to clarify something...


I never thought i would have to do an announcement on this alone, and it saddens me that i do.

It has come to my attention, especially recently, that a few of players have been overall bending the rules, and being down right disrespectful to staff and other players to an un-needed level, and i've spent far too much time dealing with pathetic drama in the past few days. So i would like to go over a few things:

Overall respect

A number of you, and i think you know who you are, have been over all trying to cause trouble with staff, just because you think you can. You can't. You may have gotten away with it until now, but this really needs to stop, and so i have asked staff to start cracking down on it.

If a member of staff warns you for breaking the rules or doing something, then stop. Simple as that. Just because something might not be clarified in the rules, doesn't mean you can do it, and if a member of staff asks you to stop, stop.

Believe it or not, we do ALL want you to enjoy playing on the server, but a few players actions are ruining it for everyone else and its not fair.

I have also spoken to all the staff on how to behave as staff, and how they should and shouldn't be handling things, and from now on should be more professional than may have been previously.

DDoS & Doxxing

I do not in any way, shape, or form want this on the server. Players have been doing this and somehow still got away with it, and maybe its because we have been too lenient. From now on, we arent going to be. It will result in a ban if i see a HINT of this. Whether its in game or through other forms of communication. It will not be tolerated.


New Staff:

On another note, we are making a few changes to the staff team, and so the following people have been promoted:

OffTheMeds: Helper
xiSkullz: Helper (trial basis)
IcingSnowflake: Helper

Hello everyone!

Im sorry for the extremely short notice on this, but after great consideration, and after discussions with you guys in game, we have decided to end the current season early, due to advertising throughout the season not going as planned, and therefor having a relatively low player count. The current season will end Wed 28th Feb @ 10PM GMT.

However, we are excited to announce that the next season will start very soon on Friday 2nd March, and joining us for next season will be the well known Factions Youtuber, p0wer0wner! So get your factions ready, and be ready for release!

Brutal Factions 3.0 will release this Friday, 2nd March @ 8PM GMT / 3PM EST

FTOP prize winners will be announced tomorrow!

We will be releasing a few new updates that will be announced later this week, along with a few bug fixes.

If anyone has any last minute requests for next season, please message a member of staff on discord!
This seasons FTOP prizes will consist of $1000 total, and split between the top 3 as follows:

10% of this seasons donations sent via PayPal

Remaining in store credit up to a $450 limit

Example: If total donations is $1000, then $100 will be paypal, and $350 will be buycraft.


$350 Store credit


$200 Store credit

Winners will be announced at the end of the season, which a date is yet to be set for.
Hello guys,

So im going to have quite a bit of free time from saturday - tuesday, and so i thought it make a quick auggestion for suggestions!

If anyone has any features they would like to see implemented into Brutal, please post in the suggestions section on the forums! I’ll be actively reviewing these myself, and genuinely will consider all suggestions!

If there is enough demand or i believe its a feature worth adding, then i will do it!

I would also be grateful if players could look at suggestions made by others and +1 or -1 based on whether you would like them too!

As a little thank you, any suggestions that are implemented will be rewarded with a free Gold Crate key to the player who posted it! So get thinking!

I look foward to see what you guys come up with!

P.S please dont suggest advertising! Im fully aware that we are in desperate need of advertisements, and i have been actively lookig for youtubers to help with this, and im finally beginning to get somewhere with that! So bare with us, and hopefully soon we will have more active players! On this subject, if anyone knows any youtubers or streamers, please message me! Im looking for anything from 1000 subs to 200000 subs!

Sorry this post seems rushed, im on the staff bus home from work and just wanted to get this posted as soon as possible. <3 love you all
I advise everyone to go and review the changes made in the rules document, especially cannoners.

We have updated a few rules regarding the below:

Alt limits:

There is now an alt limit and a few rules in place regarding alts, these now full apply. Please read the rules section regarding this.

Cannons & Raiding:

Semi auto cannons are now allowed, up to 100 stacker cannons, however please read the rules section on cannoning before you start using them.

Redstone Automatic TNT drop trenchers:

These seem to have become popular with a couple of factions who have the money for them. We do not allow these above the size of 2 x 2 chunks at a time, per faction. Each time you use one, take it down completely, before using the next one to clear the next chunks. If you are still uncertain on this, message staff.
We've implemented a few new features across our platforms to integrate more with out Discord server.

In Game Chat:
We now have a dedicated text channel on our discord server, which donors may use on discord for their phone, tablet or pc, and type there to send messages in game. Members will also be able to view messages, but not send messages. This requires the player to link their account with the channel in game with /discord link so the ign matches up. Any player talking over discord will have the prefix [Discord] before their names to let players in game know. Please note this feature only applies to global chat, and cannot operate commands or private messages.

Donor Ranks:
All donators will now get their rank shown on Discord. If you donate for a rank, please contact a member of staff in game or on discord to have it added to your name. Donors will get access to donor-only chat, as well as the above mentioned in game chat.

If you need fast, reliable support from staff, without the limitation of a single minecraft message, you can now open tickets in our discord. Use -new <message> to open a new support ticket. Staff will be notified of the ticket and will reply asap. This will soon be heavily used for support in game, so start getting used to this!

The 'Chat' tab on our forums now has an integrated version of our discord server, with link invites to the server. This will allow new players to easily find our discord when browsing the forums. On top of this, all new forum activity will be posted in discord to the 'forum-activity' channel.

With these new additions regarding our Discord server, we hope this will help improve the general experience you have while with us at Brutal, and help welcome you to our community!

As always, have fun!
We will be down for mandatory maintenance until between 4-6PM GMT. An announcement will be made here, and on the Brutal Discord when the server is back online.

This is work to resolve an ongoing issue, and had to be done at some point, so id rather get it done during these hours when the server is least busy.

Sorry for any inconvenience and boredom this may cause...
Some of you have experienced this already, but recently we implemented a new Anti Cheat plugin to make our lives easier. Although the Anti Cheat has already worked brilliantly, it does recognize Printer/Schematica as a "hack", even though it is allowed on our server. Furthermore, because it recognizes Printer/Schematica as a hack, it has been kicking players.

The picture below shows optimized settings that will keep the new Anti Cheat plugin from kicking players due to Printer/Schematica.

As staff, we ask all players that are using Schematica to copy the settings below in their clients!

Just to clarify these settings, they are as follows:

Destroy Blocks: False
Destroy instantly: False
Place Only Adjacent: True
Placement Delay: 4
Placement Distance: 4
Place Instantly: FALSE
Timeout: 10

We have made the decision to change our stance on "insiding" or faction betrayal, and it is now punishable.

"Insiding"/Betrayal: This is a punishable offence. We think that you should be able to trust your fellow faction members and not have to worry about them betraying you for personal gain. We mainly consider betrayal to be limited to your own Faction, however we also include taking advantage of or abusing any special access or permissions you are given as a Faction member, this extends to players who have been removed from or have left a Faction.

You must NOT use or take advantage of any special access or permissions given to “raid” your previous Faction, this will be considered as betrayal or insiding.

We recommend factions remove all unwanted permissions or ranks from members to reduce the risk of this happening.

We also highly recommend taking extra caution when giving non-faction members increased access that they could use to in negative ways for they will not be considered betrayal if doing so. Note: You will NOT be punished if you raid your previous / Allies Factions using legitimate raiding methods. If you believe your Faction has been betrayed, please contact staff or post on the forums. Assisting other players in the act of betrayal is considered equally punishable.

If you become aware of a player who is betraying their Faction please contact a member of staff immediately. We prefer it if the leader of the faction involved contacts us to make things easier.